Help! Am I doing anything right? Is there something to be concerned about? Will we be in therapy forever? As a social worker with more than 20 years of experience working with children, youth and families, I will guide and equip you with strategies to overcome life's obstacles and parenting challenges. I will begin by thoroughly assessing your current family situation and then tailoring a therapeutic plan accordingly. The collaborative plan will be customized to you and your family's needs, and may include the following: 

Parenting Consultation 

Children are born without a user manual and we begin parenting without any formal training. I will provide you with an increased awareness, knowledge, and understanding about each developmental stage. This may include what to expect at various ages and stages, understanding typical behaviours, tips and strategies for resolving conflicts and issues, and highlight concerns that may require medical assessment and/or intervention.

Consultation can be provided over the phone or in person, either in my office at the Transense Healing Arts and Holistic Centre or in your home. **Please note that in person sessions and home visits are not currently available during this time of physical distancing.

Parenting Coach

Because children and families can be complex, a parenting coach helps you problem-solve as challenges arise. Coaching can help you cultivate a better relationship with your child/children. As a parenting coach I can assist you with creating a parenting plan, and then support you as you implement and practice the plan. Many parents just need help with one problem or one issue, so short-term coaching can help you feel more in-control and encouraged in your parenting skills.

As a parenting coach, I can assist with concrete day-to-day practical survival strategies to address setting limits/discipline, online learning challenges, establishing a schedule, bedtime routines, sibling conflict, behaviour management, technology use and co-parenting. 

Educational Advocacy

With an undergraduate degree in Education and more than 20 years experience working in the public education system, I can advise you about your rights as a parent within the school system and assist with how best to support and advocate for your child's special education and learning needs.